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Short Midget Jokes

What kind of shorts do midgets where? Short Shorts!

What do you get when you cross a midget with a computer? A short circuit.

Knock! Knock!
Who's There?
Midget who?
A midget who cant reach the doorbell

Long Midget Jokes

Midget Good time Joke

Two midgets go into a bar, where they pick up two "working girls" and take them to their separate hotel rooms. The first midget however, is unable to get an erection. His depression is made worse by the fact that, from the next room, he hears his friend shouting out cries of . . .

"Here I come again! ONE, TWO, THREE UGH!" "Here I come again! ONE, TWO, THREE . . .UGH!" This goes on ALL NIGHT LONG. In the morning, the two met up at breakfast, the second dwarf asks the first, "How did it go?"

The first mutters, "It was embarrassing. I just couldn't get an erection". The second midget shook his head and said "You think that's embarrassing?

I couldn't even get on the bed

Its Keith Joke

Every day, a male co-worker walks up very close to a lady at the
coffee machine, inhales a big breath of air, and tells her that her hair smells nice.

After a week of this, she can't stand it anymore, takes her complaint to a supervisor in the personnel department and asks to file a sexual harassment grievance against him.

The Human Resources supervisor is puzzled and asks: "What's sexually threatening about a co-worker telling you your hair smells nice?"

The woman replies, "It's Keith. The midget."

Midget with a lisp!

This guy owns a horse stud farm, and gets a call from a friend." I know this midget who wants to buy a horse. He has a slight speech impediment, so listen carefully, I'm sending him over." The Midget arrives, and the owner asks if he wants a male or female horse." A female horth," the midget replies. So the owner shows him one. "Nith looking horth, can I see her mouth?" So the owner picks up the midget and shows him the horse's mouth." Nith mouth. Can I see her eyesth?" So the owner picks up the midget and shows the eyes. "OK, what about the earsth?" Now the owner is getting pissed, but he picks up the midget one more time and shows the ears." OK, finally, I'd like to see her twat." With that, the owner picks up the midget and shoves his head up the horse's twat, then pulls him out. Shaking his head, the midget says, "Perhapth I should rephrase. I'd like to see her run!"

Midget jokes and the doc

A midget walks into the doctors and says, "Doc, I've got these itchy balls and I can't do anything to stop 'em itching".The Doc says, "I can see the problem and I'll fix it for ya"So the Doc pulls out a pair of scissors and tells the Midget to close his eyes. The midget hears snip, snip snip noises for about 5 minutes.The doc finishes and says, "How's that?" The midget says, "brilliant, what did you do?" The Doc says, "I trimmed back your high boots"

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